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      • Teflon high temperature cloth can be single-sided technology

        Many people want to use a tape that has anti-corrosion properties, high temperature resistance, and good anti-stick properties. But looking for a lot, the tape on the market is not able to withstand the high temperature, it is not anti-corrosion, or n…...

      • Precautions for the use of Teflon mesh belt

        Teflon mesh conveyor belt deviation adjustment method(1) Automatic drag roller adjustment: When the mesh belt has a small deviation range, the centering roller can be installed at the deviation of the conveyor belt.The black PTFE tape is characterized…...

      • Polypropylene flange protection cover is better than PP plastic flange protection…

        The production of PP plastic flange protection cover requires mold to be injection molded or cast, which has high production cost and low dimensional adaptability, and the material of the existing PP plastic is not gas permeable, which causes the pipe…...

      • Mechanical pulverization method in Teflon recycling treatment

        The mechanical pulverization method is the simplest, most commonly used, and the most economical method of recycling Teflon. It is the use of mechanical force to chemically change the waste material to obtain a relatively small particle size. Mechanic…...

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